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Joiners in Torrington

Jenkinson Potts Construction Ltd has a team of fully qualified and local joiners in Torrington who have many years experience in the joinery trade.

Our joiners have been providing the people of Torrington for many years for all different types of joinery services including but not limited too:

Bespoke bookcases
Love reading? Well, our bespoke bookcases are truly beautiful, they provide a way to declutter a living space and transforms the appearance of any room. Our bespoke bookcases are nothing like the manufactured flat pack ones. We create, supply and fit bookcases that are designed to your exact specifications, can be built around unusually shaped walls or alcoves.

Bespoke shelves
Our bespoke shelves will help you with all your storage needs. We primarily design and fit bespoke shelves because the customer has some personal possessions that they would like to showcase or to declutter a few items.  These decorations can help to bring any room to life!

"Our joiners in Torrington have years experience in the joinery trade."

Bespoke television and media units.
Our joiners have many years experience in designing and fitting home entertainment units for the people of Torrington. Technology this day and age is significant to the local household, that is why bespoke home entertainment units are one of our most popular services for our joiners.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes
Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and seeing a beautifully fitted wardrobe which stylishly stores all your clothes and belongings. We can design the wardrobes to the customer's recommendations, be it sliding mirrored doors or finished it whatever colour or style you would like.

We provide many joinery services, above are just a few. If you would like any joinery service that's undertaken by a qualified local joiner, then please get in touch with Jenkinson Potts Construction Ltd today on 01271269226 or 07912364066.





A Time Served Team

All of our team are highly skilled in the building trade and have built up a wealth of experience over the last several years. No job is too demanding for us as we have all been trained to deal with every situation that the building trade can throw at us!

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Here at Jenkinson Potts Construction Ltd we strive to give all of our customers the best quotes we can, and constantly research our competitors so that we can keep doing so, time and time again. Are you looking for a building quote? Look no further!

We're a building business who's main priorities are to...

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